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2015年2月20日 (金)

Four dental students from London to enjoy Cool Japan / Tsurumi Taste this summer

Four ardent dental students from Queen Mary, University of London are expected to visit Tsurumi University on their Elective program this July as in other years.

Their visiting schedule at Tsurumi is going to be full of new culture-experiencing events including Zen meditation, Buddhist priest’s vegetable dish, tea ceremony, making “sushi”, etc.

This culturally-enriched program will be a collaboration of our Center for International Exchange, Department of English and American Language and Literature, and School of Dental Medicine also providing them an opportunity to explore Japanese dentistry as usual.

Further details will be announced on this page as soon as they become available.


2014年11月19日 (水)

Zen meditation of the students of the Dental Schools of London University

The Dental Schools of London University and Tsurumi University connects a research partnership. Every year in summer several students from London University visit Tsurumi for a short-term exchange program with their own research topic.
Between tours of research and clinical facilities the students gather to attend Zen practice at Sojiji-temple. Have a look at their engagement in learning the Japanese spirit.

Zen meditation experience comment of Bhavin

Zen meditation experience comment of Salam


Zen meditation experience comment of Bhavin

My time at Tsurumi University was a very enjoyable one in which I did not just learn about Dentistry (the main purpose of my visit) but also about the history of the University and the teachings from the nearby Soji-ji Temple. The whole campus is very green and this freshness makes it enjoyable to walk around. I was lucky enough to be given a tour of the temple and one of the monks led us through a session of Zen mediation. We were in the same room as where the monks practice. Initially it was tough, due to the position of which you are sitting and to sit in complete silence. Though once you are able to clear your mind you realise a sense of peace, which was very satisfying. We then followed the monk around the room take very slow steps and learnt that the monks practice these techniques various times throughout the day. It is a huge dedication to become a monk. We then had a very delicious lunch cooked for us with all the food donated to the temple. I found that these ancient Buddhist teachings and present in the current student curriculum. We also experience the yearly Bon Festival that takes place right on campus. The whole surrounding community dresses up in traditional wear and they enjoy music and dancing with many food stalls for after refreshments. The whole cultural experience was a big surprise but enjoyable surprise and we were to feel thoroughly at home.


Zen meditation experience comment of Salam

My time at Tsurumi University was the highlight of my trip to the lovely country of Japan. The university was incredibly welcoming and friendly, which made it an unforgettable experience. I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture, both historic and modern and during the visit I was able to experience both. Being around world-class academic personnel in the field of Dentistry gave me insight into advanced technological innovation, as well as patient attitudes to oral health. The university is also connected to Tsurumi Temple in which I was lucky enough to take part in Buddhist Meditation, something I have previously been keen to explore. The experience was both amazing and tough. Meditation is very difficult and it was interesting to meet monks who devote much of their life to this practice. The monks explained the Buddhist ideology and culture in much detail. Our experience finished with one of the best meals in Japan, a traditional Buddhist lunch, which was the perfect finish to what was already an incredible day.