Japanese cultural traditions, customs and manners that we Japanese tend to take for granted in our daily life are beginning to be given more and more credit worldwide as “Cool!”.

In Tsurumi University/Tsurumi Junior whose management base is Soto Zen Head Temple, Sojiji you will find lots of attractive things related to Zen and Buddhist culture deeply rooted in the traditional Japanese culture.

On this website we would like to present the following Cool Tsurumi events:

Firstly, we will explain familiar Zen- and Buddhism-related words and phrases in plain terms.

Secondly, we will introduce you to various Buddhism functions and events taking place at our institute. And thirdly, we will invite you to our Zen meditation experience tour given inside Sojiji.

Now we would like to present “Cool Tsurumi!” to folks both in Japan and abroad.

Cool Japan / Cool Tsurumi: Cool Zen Culture from Tsurumi University/ Tsurumi Junior College